Detection of pathogens

Vetgenomics specializes in the detection of pathogens by DNA, with consolidated experience in those transmitted by vectors (fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes).


The samples are processed and analyzed by real-time PCR and identification at the species level is carried out by DNA sequencing, which allows the detection of emerging pathogens.

The updated list of pathogens can be found in the application form. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in an additional pathogen.

Application / Result

Certificate of presence/absence and determination of the species, if it is the case.

Vetgenomics offers the possibility of analyzing individual samples or in small quantities, as well as establishing bulk analysis contracts.

Delivery term

The analysis is done twice a week, Monday and Wednesday. The sample should be received at the lab before 10 am. If you need an urgent diagnosis, please contact the laboratory.

Type of sample

Consult type of sample in the form and keep it refrigerated until the shipment.


Check prices in the application form.


Send the samples with the filled-in form.

Technical guarantee

Vetgenomics keeps for two years the DNA extracted from the material delivered by the client. During this period, Vetgenomics can guarantee the client the repetition of the analytics to confirm the results, except for non-invasive samples.