Determination of Leishmania by quantitative PCR

This technique allows to accurately quantify the parasitic load, giving the number of parasites per sample.


The determination of Leishmania by real-time PCR is more sensitive than classical PCR, allowing the use of less invasive samples (peripheral blood), although it is also possible to analyze bone marrow and all types of biopsies (fresh or paraffin-embedded).

Application / Result

The most immediate application of this approach by quantitative real-time PCR is the monitoring of the evolution of parasitemia over time, allowing monitoring of the response of an animal to a treatment or comparison of different treatments.

Delivery term

The diagnosis is made twice a week, Monday and Wednesday. The sample should be received at the lab before 10 am. If you need an urgent diagnosis, please contact the laboratory.

Type of sample

- Peripheral blood in EDTA
- Bone marrow in EDTA
- Lymph node
- Fresh biopsy in physiological saline solution
- A swab from skin wounds


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Application form

Send the samples with the filled-in form.

Technical guarantee

Vetgenomics keeps for two years the DNA extracted from the material delivered by the client. During this period, Vetgenomics can guarantee the client the repetition of the analytics to confirm the results, except for non-invasive samples.