Microbiome analysis by massive sequencing

Microbiome profile by massive sequencing of the hypervariable regions of the 16s rRNA gene for bacteria and the ITS-2 region for fungi and yeasts.


The processing and analysis of the samples will be carried out in lots of 40 samples to optimize fungible costs, but a smaller number of samples can be analyzed.

We also offer initial advice on the design of the study.

Research projects

We develop projects or agreements with companies and institutions that include studies of the microbiome, metagenomics, whole genome sequencing of strains and antimicrobial resistance.

If you want information about our research lines, here.

Application / Result

The result includes the taxonomic profile of the samples at the family level (genus) and the alpha (for sample or group) and beta diversity indexes (comparison of microbial composition between samples or groups).

Delivery term

Contact the laboratory.

Type of sample

- Skin, buccal, ear swabs, etc.
- Fecal samples
- Biopsies of different tissues and animal species


Contact the laboratory.

Technical guarantee

Vetgenomics keeps for two years the DNA extracted from the material delivered by the client. During this period, Vetgenomics can guarantee the client the repetition of the analytics to confirm the results, except for non-invasive samples.