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Vets and owners

Genetic analysis is a fundamental tool for the clinical diagnosis and care of our pets; They can guide treatment, help identify genetic diseases, even before the appearance of symptoms, or determine the sex of birds, in a very minimally invasive and early manner.

Detection of pathogens

An early veterinary diagnosis is always a great help in treatment.
PCR can define the state of the infection and identifies the species involved, guiding the treatment to veterinary clinicians.


  • Determination of pathogens by real time PCR
  • Specialized in vector-borne diseases
  • We reached the species level by sequencing, allowing the detection of emerging or localized pathogens up to now in other animal species
  • In the case of Leishmania, this technique makes it possible to accurately quantify the parasite load, giving a number of parasites per sample and allowing us to see the evolution of the treatment
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Hereditary diseases

Genetic testing can help identify diseases earlier of its appearance, allowing preventive care for better health of our pets.


Mutation in the MDR1 gene in Collies and sheepdogs causes neurotoxicity in certain drugs commonly used in the veterinary clinic, and may present incoordination, muscle tremors, seizures, blindness and even death, depending on the genotype and dose.


Polycystic kidney disease, PKD, in Persian cats and related breeds causes the appearance of multiple cysts in the kidney, which can evolve into renal failure.


Sexing / Birds of prey identification

The absence of sexual dimorphism in many bird species makes early sexing difficult based on the appearance of the animals. The use of molecular markers allows reliable and rapid sexing and the use of non-invasive samples reduces stress to the animals.


  • We are specialized in sexing birds of prey.
  • We sex from eggshells.
  • We offer processing of a large number of samples and fast results.
  • We also offer identification and paternity tests.